Bunny Beardhead
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  • Bunny Beardhead
  • Bunny Beardhead
  • Bunny Beardhead
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There are two types of men in this world. The bearded ones and the unbearded ones. Both types have one thing in common; they both need women! Introducing the Bunny Edition of Beard Head for this once lonely world of men (namely vikings, pirates, lumberjacks, and grandpas)! Snowbunnies need not look further for something to complete their perfect winter wardrobe!

- 30% Wool, 70% Acrylic
- One-size fits (almost) all
- Machine washable 

All Beard Head caps come with a "Classic" moustache attached with buttons, and can be removed or interchanged with new moustache styles. If you want to change your Beard Head look, our new easily-interchangeable Add-on Moustaches can be purchased below for €4,95!

Item number: Bunny - Baardmuts

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